AUDIO POST VO Record | ISDN | ADR | SD, HD & 5.1 Surround Mix for Broadcast, In-Theater, Online and Mobile

ISDN 1: 212-675-2945
ISDN 2: 212-675-2946
Main: 212.242.2264
Phone Patch Available.

Pro Tools HD systems with Lynx Aurora converters
Plugin suites include Waves, Izotope, and Audioease
Grace m906 monitor controllers
Dynaudio Acoustics 5.1 Monitoring Systems
Euphonix MC Control & Mix
Dolby LM100 and plugin metering
Dorrough Metering
Blackmagic Video Playback
Avalon 737sp Mic Pre-Amp
Grace m101 Mic Pre-Amp
Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic
Neumann U87 Condenser Mics
Telos Zephyr ISDN Remote Recording

To abide by the US Congress’ Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, BANG will be implementing the Advanced Television Systems Committee’s (ATSC) recommended practice of a Target Loudness level of -24 dB LKFS and a True Peak level of below -2 dB TP (See ATSC A/85:2011 Section 6). Basically, this means that -24 is the new -20. BANG will be following this protocol on all final mixes leaving our facility unless we receive alternate specs from client, network, or delivery system administrator.